About Vandana Saxena

Hi! I am Vandana Saxena and welcome to my blog Vandana’s Pen.  I am a Digital Content Creator, HR Professional, and Soft SkillsTrainer by qualifications.  By passion, I am a Creative Writer.   I love to create and tell stories. I strongly believe that every moment, every hour, every day, we create and share stories. 

From HR to Creating Stories

A copywriter tells a story about “what is in it for you”, a newspaper tells stories about what’s happening in the world.  A white paper tells the story of an organization and its endeavours. We unknowingly keep telling stories whenever we talk. You are reading a story now 😊

Stories are an integral part of our life.  I pen stories that I have lived, experienced, felt, visualized, and imagined so far. Follow  Vandana’s Pen and get your daily dose of good reads.    

The Reinvention of Vandana Saxena and Reincarnation of Vandana’s Pen

Breaking the barriers, I rediscovered my passion for writing after working in the corporate world for 20 years.  I realized that “It is never too late to become what you might have been.”  Until now, I have created numerous stories, articles, and a handful of poems.  

I am presently a contributing author at Women’s Web and a freelance blogger at Momspresso with about 10 million views on my blog.  In addition, I unleash my creative self on Penmancy, Spillwords, and Asian Literary Society.   You may read a few winning stories written by me here.  Apart from these writing challenges I have also won numerous awards for my contribution to the literary world and for my training skills.  Take a look here.

Sharing Stories

Following “Sharing Is Caring”, I love to share my learnings in the various training and workshops.  Other than Corporates, these training sessions and workshops are highly useful for aspiring entrepreneurs.   

Also, these workshops help women who choose to follow their passion and aspire to build their brand in the digital world.  These workshops are tailor-made for women entrepreneurs, keeping in mind their specific niche and target audience.    Check the snapshot of training events here.  You may also scroll through the reviews posted by happy participants who are immensely benefitted in the digital marketing workshops.

Since I am professionally qualified in Digital Content Creation, reach out to me for Content Writing Services in any genre.  I feel delighted to help any aspiring entrepreneur with Web Content, SEO Content, Social Media Posts, and much more.   You can also collaborate with me to subtly promote your brand through my articles.   

Vandana’s Professional Journey

In my professional career of 21 years in the domain of Human Resource Management and Administration, I have worked with industries like mechanical, telecom, retail, and Credit Management. I am presently associated with Henry Harvin Education as a Soft-Skills Trainer. I carry a rich experience of 10 years in Training the professionals working in various Corporates.

Stay tuned to this portal as I share my creativity, experiences, views, and intellect, to amuse you while creating stories and more….