Content is the only way to connect with your target audience or potential business in the digital world.  Only a perfect blend of words, keywords, diction, tone, and sentences can help you convey the message right.

Get such perfect content that is not only read, liked, or shared but also talked about.    Though I am happy to write any content type yet the below is my expertise.

HR Technical Writing 

Vandana's Pen Multiple Key Deliverables in Human Resource Management giving you stress? Or too busy to acquire new talent?  Delegate the writing deliverables to Vandana’s Pen.

Who will be a better person than Vandana Saxena who is carrying professional experience in HR domain for 21 years?

From writing a challenging Job Description to acquire new talent to the drafting of documents required in the hiring process like Application Form, Offer Letter, Appointment Letter, Confidentiality Agreement, get it all delivered right in your mailbox.

Get HR Policies and Procedures formulated for your organization as per the Shops & Establishment Act along with Appraisal Forms and BluePrint required to hold training sessions in your organization.

Not to miss that Vandana has won “Excellence In Leadership” Award by Knowledge Seed Learning Center in the year 2019.

Resume’ Writing 

Forwarding your candidature for your dream job is the first step, but your Resume’ gives the first impression of your skills and suitability for the same.   You must strike it right in order to ensure that your CV is compelling enough to call you for an interview.

Hire Vandana’s Pen to write an impressive Resume’ for she has been into talent acquisition for good 10 years.  She knows what really works.  Get some great tips to crack the interview as you get your CV well crafted by her.

Resume Writing by Vandana's Pen

Product Descriptions & Copy Writing

Yes, I Can The copy is the face of your brand.  An impressive copy sells on emotion but justifies the purchase with logic. Hire Vandana’s pen to design impressive promotional content to generate leads and turning them into great businesses.

Shopping is preferred online over physical visits at the present time.   Your product needs to shout out loud and clear of itself to stand out of the clutter.  Get short and crisp product descriptions highlighting key features and USPs to get noticed on crowded shopping apps and portals.


Have you already accomplished your creative self by writing a book and waiting to know how is it?  Send a sample copy and get feedback from Vandana’s Pen.  Choose a promotion plan through any of the Digital Marketing Strategies offered by Vandana’s Pen.

Do you know if your latest release is well accepted by the audience or not?  You don’t have to wait for a week to analyze box office collections.  When Vandana’s Pen is an audience, you will get a review right after the first show.

Want to get your new product reviewed?  Send in a sample and get a review on various online portals including Amazon.


Reviews by Vandanas Pen