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O My Child

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O my child, dear child…

Are you still upset about last night?

Just look into the mirror;

That is the child to me so dearer…

Blessing is what I always send;

I promise it will stay till end…

You say you don’t want to talk;

But I am everywhere you walk…

The road to glory is where I lead;

Your trust is all that I need…

Just peek into my heart;

I never left you in the dark…

Sorrow will soon be a past;

Just see my love, it is so vast…

O my child, dear child…

Here I wait to see your smile…

Photo by Raju GPK on Unsplash

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Engineer, Certified Content & Creative Writer, Avid Reader Suman Bambhniya is an Engineer, Certified Content and Creative Writer by qualifications. She held hands with writing stories and poems at an age of 25. Stories, she believes, are omnipresent.
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