poetry by Vandana Saxena

One stood tall in grey and white

To kill the darkness of dreading nights

The workforce here is crisp in crease

Here, the saviour is found with utmost ease.

The richest on earth cannot buy

But bring a story in a loosened tie

Sickbay walls give an honest ear

To your prayers, story, and untold fear.

The other stood tall in multiple hue

Rags beg outside without a clue

Riches are inside in privileged line

Offering treasures, but begging at shrine

The workforce here is bought often

To edit your story in an exchange offer

The saviour here is engraved in stone

But exists on earth in his numerous clones

Both temple and hospital shine in glory

Both have held some untold stories

We visit them often, usually in despair

Yet, hospital walls have heard more prayers!

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Digital Content Creator, Soft Skills, Trainer, HR Professional, Author, and Blogger. She unleashes her creative self while writing stories and poetry. Her work is widely published in the Digital World. She has won numerous writing challenges too.
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