What is Social Media

Social Media is a mix of two things; one is Technology and the other is Psychology.  If you think that social media is just about sharing cool pictures, then let me tell you that it is a very important tool for your business promotions.    However, you need to understand the algorithm i.e. Technology that it operates upon and the behaviour i.e. Psychology of your target audience.

Choosing The Right Platform 

You might be confused about which platform to use? How to use? What are the tools that help? How to analyse if you are going in the right direction?   Don’t worry it seems like rocket science, but it is not.

Master the art of leveraging your digital presence to build your business and establish your brand.  Learn the technicalities that you never knew before and do wonders with your business ventures.

Our Social Connect Drive

Hop on  to the “Social Connect” Drive with our online workshops called DigiConnect Workshops

Who should Attend?

We welcome everyone.

However, Entrepreneurs / Aspiring Entrepreneurs who want to leverage social media for their business promotions and establish their brand in the digital world must attend.  Also, Influencers, Photographers, Wedding Planners, Travel Planners, Bloggers, Influencers, Writers can be highly benefitted from these workshops.  In addition, Aspiring Writers who wish to try their hands to writing stories, scripts, and poetry should register to learn the narrative craft.

What do you need? 

A working laptop or phone with an active internet connection.

Here is a list of Workshops under Digiconnect Series.  Chose the one that suits you the best.





Should you need any further information, please revert to [email protected] or Contact Us

These workshops are being delivered by Vandana Saxena. She carries rich professional training experience for about 10 years and successfully delivered numerous pieces of training in the same niche.    Also, Vandana has numerous awards for her writing and training skills to her kitty, apart from winning various writing challenges.

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Looking forward to welcoming you to the DigiConnect Workshops!