Why Content Writing Workshop When We Have Generative AI like Chat GPT? 

With the onset of Generative AI like Chat GPT, why do I need a Content Writing Course?  Will Chat GPT replace writers? I often come across these questions. However, to answer this, let me tell you,

“No, AI will not replace writers, but the writers leveraging AI to create great content will outshine you.  Leveraging AI for content writing is an art; not everyone is an artist.  You must know how to use AI Tools like Chat GPT to enhance productivity. While AI is an aid to your writing, the industry still needs more of human-generated content that can resonate with their specific target audience.”

Why Learn Content Writing? Who Wants to Read When Video Content Goes Viral? 

“Content is the reason, search began at the first place.”

Whether video, audio, or image, any content form must be supported by written content because it’s all about the keywords on the search engine.  You have to write a search query even to search videos, audio, or images.    Search Engine Optimisation is not possible without the keywords and the keywords must be written.  Hence Content Writing has no shelf life.  No content format can survive on the internet without the written content.  How do you write content that ranks up and engages the reader too?  How do you blend the keywords in your write up? That’s what you learn in the 50 hours of Online Content Writing Workshop.

What Is Online Content Writing Workshop

Online Content Writing Workshop is a 50-hour instructor-led training program that helps you learn the art of writing through language skills entwined with content marketing skills.    Check below the course contents:-


Basic Writing Concepts 

The basics of Content Writing are covered in this module. What it takes to be a writer, the content industry norms, and the requisites of becoming a Content Writer.  Also, the writing styles, setting the tones, maintaining the content consistency, and how to boost readability and searchability of your content are covered in this module.  After completing this module, setting the purpose of content, knowing your target audience, and deciding your niche will be easier for you.

Language Skills 

The content industry follows a different set of language rules focusing on communicating with the target audience and not using heavy or difficult words.  A few basic grammar rules, usage of word power, order of words in a sentence, sentence formations, and usage of foreign words and phrases in English define the language skills of the course.  The module is aimed to make you write precisely and clearly with the right usage of words and phrases.

Business Content Writing

The module is designed to let the learner understand the value of business content forms, viz., E-Mail Writing, Copywriting, PowerPoint Presentations, etc.  However, other content forms like Press Releases, Product Descriptions and Reviews, Brochure Designing, Newsletters, Blogs and Article Writing will also be covered here.

Self Branding Content Development

The learners can develop self-branding content like Resumes’ Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, Portfolios etc., since these contents are imperative in today’s world to build a personal brand in the digital space. The learners can build/write their portfolios/profiles during the course, which will be edited/corrected by the trainer.

Digital Skills

Great content goes in vain unless marketed well in the digital space. The module is focused on building your own blog and various ways to market your content in the digital space, including Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing. Content Automation will be an added advantage in this module.  The use of Generative AI will be integrated in all the content forms.

Learning to Earning

The various options to getting hired by multiple content agencies or kickstart your freelancing career as Content Writer will be covered here.  In addition, affiliate marketing, monetising your blogs, and influencer marketing will be a part of this module.   The module covers everything from how to accept assignments to how to receive payments.

Salient Features

  • Integration of Generative AI and Digital Tools to boost productivity
  • Interactive, Instructor-Led Live Classes
  • Live Writing Exercises and Editing by the Instructor
  • Practical Understanding of the Concepts
  • More than 30 Content Formats will be covered during the course


  • Additional Study Material at zero cost.
  • All registrants are eligible to participate in an upcoming anthology of articles.
  • Knowhow of 30+ Digital Tools
  • One-hour free Creative Writing Workshop for Participants

Download the detailed brochure here.

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Happy Writing!!