Why Creative Writing Workshop?

“Traditionally referred to as Literature, Creative Writing is an art of all sorts.” 

Learning creative writing may seem daunting in a world overflowing with writers and publishing houses. However, crafting stories, poems, journals, or memoirs holds numerous benefits that extend far beyond the realm of literature.  You can achieve what others can’t see, and no one else sees the world like you do.  You only need some help to pen your ideas into stories, prose, or verses.  Let your creative juices flow, and learn the art of drawing pictures through words in our Creative Writing Workshop.

What’s the 30-Hours Creative Writing Workshop? 

A workshop especially curated for aspiring authors or writers turning authors will focus on cultivating your self-expression, developing critical thinking, and fostering your self-discovery or evolution from a cliche writer to an established author.  The detailed course is divided into five modules as under:

Understanding Creative Writing

Language Skills

  • Sentence Formation and Word Power to Build Images through Words
  • Digital Langauge Vs Creative Language
  • Understanding Literary Devices
  • Show, Don’t Tell
  • Use of AI Tools for Story Writing
  • Editing and Proofreading

Story Writing

  • Elements of A Story
  • How to Write A Story
  • Forms of Stories
  • Writing Opening Lines
  • Building the Narrative Pace
  • Closing of a Story

Script Writing

  • Understanding Screenplay and Scripts
  • Elements of A Script
  • How To Write A Script
  • Writing Dialogues and Types of Dialogues

Non-Fiction Writing 

  • Difference between Fiction and Non-Fiction
  • Writing Journals & Memoirs
  • Writing Travel Accounts
  • Biographies Vs Autobiographies
  • Gibbs Model of Reflective Writing

Poetry Writing

  • Elements of a Poem
  • Various Forms of Poem and their Structures
  • Setting the Rhythm and Verses
  • Rhyming Schemes
  • Structuring a Poem

Publishing & Marketing

  • Gearing Up towards Publishing
  • Tools to Prepare Your Manuscript
  • Elements of a Book
  • Designing Your Book Cover
  • Traditional Publishing Vs Self Publishing
  • Copyright Vs Publishing Right

Salient Features of Creative Writing Workshop

  • 30 hours of the Instructor-Led Interactive Training Session
  • Writing Assignments to Hone the Writing Skills and Live Editing
  • Participation in Online Writing Challenges


  • Free Study Material
  • Every participant is eligible to be a part of an upcoming anthology of stories or poems and/or both.

Download the Detailed Brochure here.

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