The inception of Training & Workshops

I firmly believe in the power of “Sharing ”.  After practising as an HR Professional for over twelve years, I delivered the first training on ‘Communication Skills’ & ‘Business Content Writing’ in 2012.  The workshop received excellent reviews as I imparted experience entwined with my knowledge. Since then, there has been no looking back.

I evolved as a learning & development expert over a decade of delivering various training programs.  I specialised in delivering Communication Skills workshops over the years while I kept honing my skills through other soft skills workshops.  I learnt to analyse the gaps and curated numerous tailor-made workshops in both behavioural and functional skills.

Training Expertise

Training is not an off-shelf product one can buy, plug, and play.  I curate most workshops based on the ADDIE Model with an in-depth training need analysis and assess the outcomes with an extensive evaluation.  The pedagogy is a lot beyond basic classroom lectures or PowerPoint presentations that include fun activities, role plays, group discussions, and storytelling followed by a deep briefing of the concepts.

I have specially designed workshops beginning from students at school or campuses to senior leaders at the corporates.  I firmly believe that learning can be acquired at any level or age.  Hence, while designing a program special attention is paid to the target audience and their expectations about learning solutions.

Training Segments

While these workshops are required at all levels, the content may vary in accordance with the learners’ needs and learning objectives. However, I conduct specialised workshops in primarily 3 segments viz., Content Writing, Creative Writing, and Soft Skills.

Training Reviews

If you are looking for a trainer for your institute or for a workshop for your team, you have reached the right place.  You may know more about me or read what my participants have to say on Google and Linkedin

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