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Workshop 1 – Understanding Social Media

Online Social Media Workshops

DigiConnect” – A Series of  Online Digital Workshops


The workshop will help you understand the strength of Social Media.

If you are not promoting your business on Social Media, then you are left behind because It is not only important but imperative for you and your business to connect with your audience on social media in the era of social distancing.  That’s why I have organised a tailor-made workshop for you to understand what exactly it is and which platform to use?   Check out the course contents below :-

  1. What Is Social Media & Why It Is Important For Brand Promotion
  • What are the different platforms on Social Media
  • How does it add value to your brand
  • What is community building
  • How It Helps In Customer Acquisition and Engagement
  1. How To Choose The Right Platform For Your Brand Promotion
  • Which platform is best for my brand
  • How to decide the target audience
  • Effective features of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & Youtube
  • Types of Marketing Content
  1. How To Write Effective Social Media Posts
  • Writing Styles
  • Language Specifications & Tones
  • Content Formats – Tips & Techniques to attract a consumer
  • How To Write SEO Content On Social Media
  1. Tools To Write Apt Social Media Posts
  • Various Tools to Check and analyse the content
  • Tools to design various social media posts
  • Keywords – Research & Use
  • Hashtags – Research & Use
  1. Copywriting 
  • What is Copywriting
  • How To Do Copywriting
  • Effects To Add In Copywriting
  1. What To Avoid On Social Media
  • Key Things To Avoid On Social Media
  • How to maintain the privacy and authenticity of your brand on social media

What do you need? 

A working laptop or phone with an active internet connection.

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