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The Woman Who Lived A Zero Waste Management Campaign

Zero Waste Management

All About Zero Waste Management

When it comes to saving the earth Zero Waste Management is one important but neglected aspect.   Nilima Buch from Punah:  Zero Waste Choices is the woman who not only lived it but took it to another level.

Nilima was live with me on Facebook.  Like everyone else, she shared a story but I realised it wasn’t her story.  It was a story of a human who did her part to save the earth.

About Nilima Buch

Nilima is not just a business woman but she is a saviour.  Through Punah – Zero Waste Choices she promotes a sustainable lifestyle and sells biodegradable or recyclable alternatives of the store-bought plastic packed products.

She sources raw material for local businesses to reduce the carbon footprint.  That’s not all. She also spreads awareness of a pollution-free lifestyle through various workshops. She has been conducting these workshops for quite some years now.

The Zero Waste Choices and Eco-Friendly Products

About her business, she says,

“It is time to live up to those first words of the preamble. Only we can bring the change, that, we expect from our country. As a welcome gesture to our new friends on this Facebook Business Page, we have an introductory offer on our eco-friendly products.”

She only talks about eco-friendly and the country.  Here’s a glimpse of my chat with her.

About The Invention of Punah : Zero Waste Choices

“It all started eight years ago by composting the daily green waste from her own house.   She slowly dived deeper into the whole concept of sustainability. While studying and gathering information from experts in this field, she realized that it was not impossible to bring the change in daily life and reduce the garbage contribution to the landfills.”

Upon asking if she can bring the change she says, “If you wish to bring a change, start it from your home, make your family aware of it and then step out to change the world. 

“That’s how she started to volunteer for organisations and conducted workshops on environmental issues. That is when the participants raised the question on availability of the alternative products. This prompted her to start her own business of eco-friendly products.”

“We are a little older than one year now and have a long way to go. We chose Sustainable products for our business because we strongly believe in bringing significant changes in the existing urban lifestyles.”

Waste Management Is Easy & Anyone Can Practise 

“Since we discovered that could be practised very easily in the households, it was important that we shared the simplicity of it. We also strongly believe that our generation has a larger onus on the shoulders to leave a healthy planet behind, we never received a polluted environment from our ancestors.”

The Challenges

“The challenges so far have been mainly in conveying our purpose to the customers and interested individuals. The larger challenges are certainly yet to come, but mainly we face difficulties in procuring the right packaging material. That is where our resolve gets stronger to stick to reusable/compostable alternatives.”

This is the story of one Nilima who talks about Zero Waste Management.  However, we need many more of Nilimas who come forward to share the responsibility.   There can be a Nilima in you or me.  It’s just that we have to make a choice to enliven her!


This was a featured story of an inspiring woman in collaboration with Dwarka Moms.  Join the Facebook Group and stand a chance to feature on my page.  If you too have an inspiring story, share it with me.

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