Why The Victim Is Ashamed?

A woman who discards the cliché

Shines brightly, in explicit niche

You ignore her craft and art of all sorts

But notice the hemline so short.

Just because she’s in the open world

Alas! her individuality is not curled

You letch, you touch, you feel and molest

Pleased at your masculinity’s best

She retaliates, complains and raises a voice

But you suppress it all without her choice

Not yours, but it’s all her fault

For she breaks the patriarchal vault

No, she won’t hide behind the doors

The crime is yours; the shame is yours

No, Not her, it’s your sin

No, not you, but she’ll grin

Those who protect, are perpetrators too

Masking the evil within, creating more of you

If you still ponder, who’s to be blamed

No, not the victim, you should be ashamed!

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