When Summer Came!

Just a few decades ago

When I was young and naïve

Summer was longed for

It was a season to dive

In dirty pools formed in colossal tubs

Neither chlorinated nor paid

Soaking the cools, with my friends

for hours I played

The long days at school

Just before the summer break

Expended under the ceiling fan

Which aired of its local make

The holidays were meant to travel

To spend weeks at Granny’s place

Where I and my cousins

Grew impish at a steady pace

Nights were spent on the terrace

Under the low bent starry skies

And the summer breeze caressed

As we slept on mattresses laid inline

No air-conditioners, no refrigerators

Air and water were free of pollution

When lime juice was a real refresher

Summers came with simple solutions!

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