A Stranger

A Stranger - Poetry by Vandana's Pen

While I was still young and naïve,

Caressed with paternal love,

Living freely, soaring high,

They wanted me to be a wife.


Though we met more than thrice

Amidst family or alone,

And the knot was finally tied,

But I felt like throwing a dice.


The man who was still a stranger,

Claimed a part of my life,

Through my bangles and vermillion,

Yet I never found my soul in danger.


Then came life I’d never known,

Of togetherness, compassion, and care,

An eternal plant of love grew,

From the seed I’d never sown.


A stranger who just occurred in my fate,

Wrapped my wrists in his palms,

Took me through the walk of life,

Eventually became my soulmate!


Picture Credit  Nathan Dumlao

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