Ambition Doesn’t Have A Gender

Poem - Ambition

A woman who’s sharp and wise

Owns the credentials and aspires to rise

Struggling amidst many roles

Sewing through the unfixed holes


She breaks the sexist old tradition

To fulfill her solitary ambition

The one that she gravely wanted

But a chance rarely granted


She struggles, she scuffles,

Works hard in a muffle,

To achieve her valued desire

Breaking the rusted barbwires


“You are a woman, be a parent

Your life is someone else’s patent”

“Strike a balance, work for fun,

Earn, but for just an extra cushion”


“No,” she says and strikes it right

Ambition that holds the future so bright

Isn’t fragile, weak, or tender

Alas! an ambition doesn’t have a gender!

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Digital Content Creator, Soft Skills, Trainer, HR Professional, Author, and Blogger. She unleashes her creative self while writing stories and poetry. Her work is widely published in the Digital World. She has won numerous writing challenges too.
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