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Kangana Ranaut, Why Are You So Upset?

Kangana Ranaut is the latest buzz in the B-Town these days.  However, the self-proclaimed mother of parallel cinema and feminist is not in the news for her acting skills or social drive, but for calling out names, grading fellow actresses, and accusing and bashing the…

Workshop 9 - Link It with LinkedIn

Welcome To Digiconnect Workshops. The series of Digital Media Workshops has earned some outstanding reviews from our participants.  Check the details here. Further, when we talk about Social Media, LinkedIn is one important tool.  However, it is misunderstood for the fact…

The Haunted House

I had bought this house, away from the hustle and bustle of the town.  House No. 386, 65, Old Oakwood Street.  The breeze from the nearby woods added to the calm that I always longed for.   I had given up my career, a desire to earn more, and decided to take life at a…
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Beautiful Singapore - A Poem by Vandana Saxena

At the southern tip of Malay Peninsula Unite a few little islets through a canula The crown colony of British Crown was once broken, and deep drowned The lively trade and honest workforce Enlivened the dead, from its core And the Asian Tiger made its way Through real…
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Priceless - A Poem by Vandana Saxena

I shall take the hearts Over those intelligent brains For wisdom, I can learn Priceless are the love chains I shall take a few moments Over an entire life For a living, I can make Priceless are the memories of life I shall take my passion Over proving my skills For…

Workshop-8 : Yoast The Youtube

Welcome to Digiconnect Workshops “Youtube’s mission is to give everyone a voice and show them to the world.” Video storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to connect with your audience.  Starting from sharing content to building brands, you can do it…

Follow These Basic Etiquette Rules During Online Meetings.

I have been working for the past two decades. I may sound too old fashioned, but I always prefer to go to the office even when I have come across enough opportunities of working from the comfort of my home. Considering the current scenario, digital working space is no more a…
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When Summer Came!

Just a few decades ago When I was young and naïve Summer was longed for It was a season to dive In dirty pools formed in colossal tubs Neither chlorinated nor paid Soaking the cools, with my friends for hours I played The long days at school Just before the summer…

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  • "You rarely meet someone who does not only know her book backwards, intelligent but also humble, helping and grounded. Vandana is one such beautiful person and I'm in awe of her.❤️ You can learn so much from her. She is soo well versed in her subject and the best part is that she explains so simply with a proper presentation. Covers all the aspects of the subject. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to those who want to learn and grow... Thanks! You're a rockstar ❤️
    Richa Mongia
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    Arti Soni
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