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I shall take the hearts Over those intelligent brains For wisdom, I can learn Priceless are the love chains I shall take a few moments Over an entire life For living, I can make Priceless are the memories of life I shall take my passion Over proving my skills For expertise…
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When Summer Came!

Just a few decades ago When I was young and naïve Summer was longed for It was a season to dive In dirty pools formed in colossal tubs Neither chlorinated nor paid Soaking the cools, with my friends for hours I played The long days at school Just before the summer…
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Why The Victim Is Ashamed?

A woman who discards the cliché Shines brightly, in explicit niche You ignore her craft and art of all sorts But notice the hemline so short. Just because she’s in the open world Alas! her individuality is not curled You letch, you touch, you feel and molest Pleased at…

Sharing Stories

Welcome to the world of stories.  We are all made of stories, aren’t we? The stories that we have lived, experienced or witnessed in our lives.  Every life, every day, day hour, every minute has a story weaved with emotions.  These may be funny, sad, happy, and to top…

Do You Have A Story To Share? Share It Live with Vandana's Pen

Vandana’s Pen is loaded with a new nib and it is now time to spill the ink. First of all, I welcome you all to the new portal which is not only redesigned but comes with a better browsing experience. Do take a tour and let me know how it is? I welcome any suggestions or…

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Facebook Live Session on Content Writing with Dwarka Moms Community On Panel Discussion @ 7th National Leadership Conclave Sharing Stories @ Venkateshwara Hospitals Sharing Digital Content…

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Leadership Excellence Award by Knowledge Seed Learning Centre National Women Excellence Award for Digital Content Creation The Prowess Blogger Award by SEAS Global Women Forum Appreciation…

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Show Don’t Tell Featured @ Penmancy Show Don’t Tell Featured @ Penmancy Show Don’t Tell Featured @ Penmancy Show Don’t Tell Featured @…

Workshop 7 - Grow With Google

Welcome to  “DigiConnect” – A series of  Social Media Workshops, powered by Dwarka Moms. Don’t you think that Google is just a search engine?  No, it’s not.  Google has the power to rank it on itself and also analyse how well you are doing in the…

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