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How PR Industry In India Is Coping With Massive Digitisation

PR Industry In India & Its Digitisation The world was moving towards digitization before the Pandemic hit us.  At the onset of the deadly virus, life was closed behind the doors, and digitisation shot up. Every industry, including the media and PR Industry In India, had…


One stood tall in grey and white To kill the darkness of dreading nights The workforce here is crisp in crease Here, the saviour is found with utmost ease. The richest on earth cannot buy But bring a story in a loosened tie Sickbay walls give an honest ear To your prayers…
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O My Child

O my child, dear child… Are you still upset about last night? Just look into the mirror; That is the child to me so dearer… Blessing is what I always send; I promise it will stay till end… You say you don’t want to talk; But I am everywhere you walk… The road to…