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6 Persuasive Power Words To Boost Your Sales In Digital Space

Persuasive Power Words

What Are Persuasive Power Words? 

Persuasive Power Words are imperative if you wish to generate leads and convert them into business through your content. It is essential for you to choose the right word at the right place and let your readers feel that you are in direct conversation with them. Setting a conversational tone in your content is not child’s play. It takes a few weeks for your reader to trust you and your expertise if you communicate regularly with them.

“How to Establish Communication?”

We will discuss this topic in detail some other day, but today I am here to share a list of words that will add tremendous power to any content written in a Persuasive Writing Style and establish a conversational tone with your audience.  By power writing, I do not mean a heavy dose of vocabulary.  It’s the concrete words that will add power to simple sentences. So, here are 6 under-rated Power Words to boost your sale in the digital space:

Persuasive Power Words

Replace all your ‘a’s and ‘the’s with ‘YOU’ if fitting in.  Trust me, it tells the reader, ‘it’s only for you.’  See Example:

“Join me in one of the content writing workshops and master the skill to scale the business in digital world.” 

The above statement is a general statement.  Now look at this:

“Join me in one of the content writing workshops specially curated for you to master the skill and scale your business in the digital world.”

In the second sentence, you will definitely connect with your audience.

Words for Power Writing

Make your reader feel special by adding the word.   Read this headline :

“5 Content Writing Hacks for Amateur Writers”


“5 Content Writing Hacks Specially Curated for Amateur Content Writers.” 

See the immense power a single word has added to your headline.   You may want to do the A/B Testing on a headline analyser for this one.

Powerful Words

This adds power simply because it gives reasons to the reader.  See Example:

“Sign Up for our upcoming content writing workshop and be a writer you always wanted to be.” 


“Sign Up for our upcoming content writing workshop because it’s the first step towards achieving your dreams.

Power Words

Even if your content is old, it should look fresh, prima facie.  Look at this:

We have some awesome writing workshops specially curated for you, including blogging and social media workshops. 


Join our all-new writing workshops, including blogging and social media workshops, specially curated for you. 

Powerful Words for content writing

Do you want your reader to read but wait to take action, even when you added a Call To Action? No, whether it’s a product, service, or just a blog, you want them to take action now and not later.  See the difference below:

Sign Up      Vs      Sign Up Now 

Register Here      Vs      Register Now 

Call      Vs      Call Now 

Connect With Us       Vs      Connect Now

Power Words

Everyone is in a hurry, including your reader.  They read half of your social media posts and decided to come back later.  Do you want to wait until they decide or you want to rush your sales?  See this:

Wide range of phulkari dupattas for you to get dressed this festive season.  Buy Now. 


Wide range of phulkari dupattas for you to get dressed this festive season.  Hurry! Grab your favourite colour before it goes out of stock.

You’ve seen in the above examples how a simple word has added immense power to your content.  Quality content brings desired engagement from your audience and there’s always a higher rate of conversion with increased traffic to your content.  Use these words in your social media post, blog post, product descriptions, or use them to write a catchy headline; I guarantee you will see the difference.

Initiate a conversation with your target audience while I come back with some more writing tips for you.



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