7 Life Lessons Taught By My Child


Motherhood is divine.  My daughter is the best thing happened to me ever in my life 13 years ago. Initially, I was worried since I did not know “how to be a mother”.  I never wanted to make the same parenting mistakes I learned as a child.   I only wanted to inculcate the “good” in her so that she grows up to be a wonderful human being. Gradually, in the process, I learned that parenting itself has a lot of scope for learning.   Honestly, my child has taught me many lessons that I could have never realized any other way.

Few simple life lessons but most important for life are listed below:-


First and foremost lesson of my life as soon as I gave birth to my child was to be patient. Starting from feeding the baby and sleepless nights to making her learn alphabets and counting and to explain her grammar and equations, every single day requires a lot of patience. Now I realize that patience is one of the important traits that I now possess and I never had before I became a mother.

Live For Happiness

Most of us are busy earning and acquire materialistic possessions for the sake of future of our children. In fact it is very much required in today’s world. However, in the urge to saving our future we often forget to live our present. I saw my child so carefree that she never thought of what will happen tomorrow in the school and ensured that she went out to play today. This is actually the “mantra” of happiness which we often ignore and forget to live in today. My daughter taught me to find enjoyment even in the simplest moments of life.

Unconditional Love

There is no if, but or any expectation involved when a child loves you. She just needs your attention for no strong reason and wants to lie in your lap just like that. The flow of emotions is so pure that the child is always surrounded by positive energy and can only give love and affection back to this world.

Be More Expressive

I have seen my child expressing her love, anger, happiness, disagreement in the simplest way ever. She does not have to wait for me to be in the right frame of mind or think before expressing how she feels. She just says whatever is on her mind without thinking twice. If she can’t find suitable words to express she just hugs or plants kisses. Unmatched expression of love!

Forgive & Let Go

No matter how badly I scold my daughter or be strict with her on her wrong conducts but it is always so easy for her to forgive me and forget what happened soon after I have hugged her. As we grow up we tend to forget how important forgiveness is to lead a peaceful life.

Life Is Better Lived For Others

Before I became a mother, my entire adult life was one big “me” fest. It was about what I wanted to do with my life, how I was going to get what I wanted, and how I was going to make my mark on the world. The day that I discovered that I was going to be a mom, that all started to change. I began to think more about the safety and well-being of someone else, that someone being my future child, more than my own safety and well-being. This changed everything and little did I know at the time, but it would open the floodgates to a much greater realization that life is best lived when you live for others.

Overcome Your Fears

A child regardless of his / her age gets attracted and fascinated with whatever new comes their way. They have no fear in trying to touch a new toy or any new thing for that matter which they find fascinating. No matter they win or fail but they are open to make an attempt at least. We as adults are normally very reluctant to try new things even if we find ourselves attracted to them.

These were the most important lessons of life which I feel has made my life a lot easier and simpler.  Share yours in the comments section.

Surprisingly I have had these from my child whom I thought, I will be teaching every little thing of life to grow up to be a wonderful human being!

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