Chandelier – A Mini Tale

Chandelier - A Mini Tale By Vandana's Pen

It has been 12 years, Akriti could finally make it to her hometown.  Akriti was excited yet nervous to enter the ancestral haveli.  The caretaker gave her the keys and rushed to get something.  The wooden fort-like doors creaked open and Akriti walked into the hall.

Everything seemed to be familiar to her except for the chandelier that was hanging from the dome.  She tried to switch on a few buttons to pierce the dark and the chandelier was brightly lit up.  It seemed strange and out of place. Something about it was unusual.  It sprinkled light around the dark, gloomy hall.  The lights seemed to have a peculiar glow, something she had never experienced before.

Suddenly, the lights went off.  The door creaked open and the caretaker walked in with a candle.  “Why did you switch off the lights”? She asked.  “Ma’m there is no electricity connection in this haveli for past 5 years”

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