Workshop 4 – Blog Building

Welcome to  DigiConnect” – A series of  Online Workshops

A Blog is to share, to connect, and to inspire.  Do you know it can also help you grow your business?  Learn with us how.  Here’s the workshop module for you which teaches you all about Blogging and creating your own Blog.

Who should attend?

Aspiring Bloggers, Business Owners who wish to promote their business through blogging.

Understanding Blog

Why you need a Blog

Types of Blogging

Good Practices of Blog

Writing an effective Blog Post

Power Writing

The Writing Process

Techniques of Blog Writing

Style Guide for Blog Writing

Creating your own Blog

Creating your own website

Understanding WordPress

Managing your own blog

Promoting your brand through blogging

Search Engine Optimisation

Understanding Google and Google Network

Registering your blog with Search Console

Leveraging Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Monetising Your Blog

Affiliate Marketing

Creating Tutorials In Your Niche

What do you need? 

A working laptop or phone with an active internet connection.

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Blog Creation

Why Blogging Workshop

Do you know why you should start to blog? Since 82% of content marketers believe in ‘Blogging’ to build a brand or generate leads.   A Blog or if we say it correctly a weblog is your online diary or journal for sharing information meant for your specific audience.

Now the question is why do you need a blog? A blog is required to create, connect, share, and inspire.  Whether it is about boosting your business or creating a personal space to share your creativity, your blog will help you to rank up on the Search Engines.  There are no two ways about it.  Your blog can create visibility for you or your business.

What Is Online Blogging Workshop

How you can create your blog, and manage it on your own?  How to write a blog?  How to leverage your blog for your business promotion or building your personal brand?  Learn it all in the online Blogging Workshop.   Why me?  Well, one of my blogs has already crossed 10 million views.

Online Blogging Workshop – Course Contents

Day 1 – Understanding Blog & Blogging Practice

What Is A Blog? Why A Blog Is Required

Guest Blog Vs Personal Blog

Your Audience Vs Your Niche

Day 2 – Creating Your Own Blog 

Choosing A Brand Voice

Choosing A Wireframe

Creating Your Own Blog On WordPress

Moving To A Paid Version

Day 3 Writing A Blog Post

Purpose Vs Audience

Structure of A Blog Post

Tone Vs Style

Article Vs Blog

Writing Mistakes To Avoid

Day 4 – Publishing & Marketing

Search Engine Optimise your Blog

Social Media Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Day 5 – Earning From Blog 

Monetising Your Blog

Affiliation Programs

Brand Collaborations

Visual Marketing

Salient Features of the Online Blogging Workshop

15 hours of interactive instructor-led virtual training on a zoom call

Create Your Free Website During the Course

Create Your Free Blog on a Guest Blogging Site

Certificate on Completion of Workshop

Generate a free backlink to your blog from Vandana’s Pen

For more details, WhatsApp +9719620697


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