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The Perfect Ecstasy

Vandana Saxena's Blog

Those everyday struggles of life,

Being a superwoman, substantially rife

Starts with just a usual day

When life is no more a child’s play


Brawls to match the arms of a clock,

Fights to solve, resolve and unlock

Treasures that are hidden beneath

Furious steps and panting breath,


Aims which you consider dreams

are far ahead of your loudest screams

Slogging into a fanciful mission

Chasing happiness beyond visions


Missing out on the tiny moments

of contentment & pleasure to exponent

Mere sense of being alive

Healthy, skilled, and reasonably wise


Are enough reasons to feel life

Joyfully enlivened with every strife

Just flow with life’s fantasy

You’ll feel the perfect “Ecstasy”


Photo : Photo by Laurencia Soesanto

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