Mother Earth-Heal Thyself

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With those Emarld Green Eyes,

Deep blue colour of wavy tresses,

I’ve known the eternal beauty

That’s not even extant in heavenly places


She’s most beautiful of ‘em all

Most powerful Greek Goddess,

“Demeter” can she be called,

or “Mother Earth” the Empress,


The power that’s enfeebled

With blues that’s torn apart

Shades of greens fading away

Yet feet dug deep & hard


Slightest crusade pains so hard

tears roll down her eyes

She’s bruised, She’s weary,

with many unanswered “Whys”


Oh ! Broken Empress, recollect now

The pain & tears with all your strength

Turn your whispers to scream & shrieks

& pierce the skies to farthest length


Repair Emeralds, in brightest greens

Detangle tresses in deepest dwells

Forbid those human creatures

Mother Earth – Now, Heal Thyself !


Photo by Nikola Jovanovic

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