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The Day I Wore Pink

The Day I Wore Pink Poem by Vandana Saxena


When I opened my eyes to the world,

and felt the first touch of love,

From a fierce mom who produced a girl,

amidst those, whose sexist hopes were curled,

That was the day I wore pink!


When I took my aspirations a little higher,

breaking the barriers, flouting the barbed wires,

Discounting the restrictions of being a girl,

chose my “ways” to “twist” and “twirl”

That was the day I wore pink!


When they censured my “bold” choice,

my “derisory” ways and “firm” voice

Be a “woman” but not a “feminist”,

yet I turned into a brave activist

That was the day I wore pink!


The hate that was overtly grown,

for not wearing a softer tone

Reprimanded enough to mellow down,

but I chose to flaunt an “outrageous” crown

That was the day I wore pink!


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