When I Am Gone

When I Am Gone

I wake up early every morning,

for tea & breakfast, laundry & cleaning!

Just to ensure your mornings are seamless,

my nights are usually dreamless!

All I expect is a loving smile, caring eyes and a heart so kind,

Alas ! you forget it all in the daily grind!

You work so hard, you toil and sweat,

all we need is a shelter on our heads!

I long for your dark eyes to connect with mine,

read the overlooked texts & share a loving sign!

I always have so much to say,

but you are never done with the digital play!

It’s been a while we shared a warm hug,

Your eyes are tired and ears are plugged!

So, I wait to talk, I dare to stalk,

but you are always on a different block.

The wait will someday be over,

and just the memoirs will hover,

When I am gone there’ll no one for you to shower

The love, the care, the affection, and the calm.

All you will have a digital piece on your palm

To scroll the pictures & the moments captured,

which were missed to live and unknowingly ruptured!


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